About nuCaffeine

What is nuCaffeine?

In simple terms, nuCaffeine is liquid gold, that is if gold = caffeine for you. nuCaffeine is caffeine concentrate that you can add to the beverage of your choice to make your own caffeinated drink. The benefit for you? You can control exactly how much caffeine you consume.

All the Benefits

Our formula has what you need to get that boost of caffeine without drinking large quantities of coffee or tea. nuCaffeine is concentrated, so you can dilute it or mix it with your favorite flavored water, fruit juice, health shakes, or other liquid.
Control the amount of caffeine you drink by using our easy measure bottle and handy sizing chart. Stay in control of your beverage and replace the unhealthy energy drinks from your diet.
Combat sleepiness and revive your energy! Stay awake and focus on your day with nuCaffeine. Our superior formula provides you with that extra energy when your tank is running on empty.

Why Should You Use nuCaffeine?

nuCaffeine gives you the power of your favorite energy drinks at a fraction of the cost. For only $0.68 per serving (32oz bottle), you can make your own caffeinated drinks at home and stay in control of your beverage.
Choose from 4 delicious flavors or go all-natural. Mix with water, coffee, soda, or anything else you like. Whatever your preferences are, nuCaffeine makes your beverage work for you.