About BrainShot

What is BrainShot?

Take BrainShot and boost your mind and body. Formulated with ketone energy and nootropics, BrainShot is the perfect choice to boost your energy and focus. BrainShot has ZERO sugar, artificial sweeteners, carbs, calories, colors, bitterness, or crash.

Ketones & Nootropics

Beta-Hydrobutyrate (BHB) is a chemical naturally produced by your body during ketosis when following a low-carb diet. BHB is composed of fatty acids and used for fuel in place of carbohydrates. BrainShot's exogenous ketones can reduce the time it takes your body to reach ketosis, even if you are not following a strict no-carb diet.


BrainShot is packed with powerful nootropics to enhance cognition, memory, and learning. All nootropics used by SBH Labs are naturally occurring supplements that offer customers the safest and long-lasting effect on cognitive behavior.

Take a Shot and Seize the Day

An innovative boost of extreme energy and focus! BrainShot is formulated with nootropics that enhance cognition, memory, learning, and other mental functions by increasing blood flow to the brain. Nootropics allow the brain to consume more oxygen. Thus, increasing the brain’s cognitive power.
Choose from 4 delicious flavors and mix them with your favorite beverage. Feel the energy course through your body. BrainShot is the ideal pick-me-up to refresh your brain and body.

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Reviews from our Amazon store

Mikey 8/9/22

Great performance and taste

I am genuinely impressed with this product. From the first sip you can feel the energy and concentration boost. The flavor is sweet without being overbearing and great to take on its own or mix with another drink. I am looking forward to try the other flavors available.

Mikey 8/9/22

Em 7/21/22

College student approved

I work full time in a restaurant and go to school part time at night, so I am usually exhausted by midday. This is the perfect pick me up to keep me going without feeling shaky or crashing later in the day. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND!

Em 7/21/22

Nick Haynes


Love the watermelon flavor! Great alternative to a cup of coffee or monster, since you don't crash or have that sugar buzz.

Nick Haynes